18 november 2009

Devoxx 2009 - Day 3: disappointing Gosling

The fact that "God" came to talk at Devoxx, was a really exciting moment to look forward to. His talk was only announced as "James Gosling". No topic specified. But usually this is enough to get excited... But I guess if he had specified a subject, they wouldn't have reserved the biggest room for his talk and the room wouldn't be as full as it was today.

To be honest, I really thought he had something more interesting to talk about, than an app store... Apparently the introduction of Java FX was the trigger to start an app store like Apple for the iPhone and Google for the Android. And they don't only concentrate on the desktop market. There are 2.5 billion Java capable embedded systems. Those are not only cell phones (and definitely not only smart phones either) but also set top boxes for TV. And the main aim? Play games on it...

Apparently Java's ambitions go back to the early days... Remember applets? And Java Web Start? Some of you may not... Java applets failed where Flash succeeded. And now Java wants revenge with Java FX. To quote Stephan Janssen after the keynote of Adobe: "this is going to be a tough job". And that's really an understatement.

It is not because of James Gosling himself, but if I had known in advance, I would have definitely gone to Ceki Gülcü for his talk on logging (SLF4J and LogBack). Now I have to wait for the talk to be published (free of charge) on Parleys.com. And view it using the Flash player...

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