19 november 2009

Proven with numbers: Agile development IS better!

I still have to write my summary of Scott Ambler's talk at Devoxx yesterday on Agile Myth Busters, but I really wanted to have this picture of 1 slide already posted on my blog. This proves with numbers that agile software development really is better than traditional (waterfall) approach.

The picture is not entirely clear, since it is made with a (simple) mobile phone in a room with not very much light.


Look at the bar charts on the left: both iterative and agile projects are more successful (> 70%) than traditional projects (approx. 60%) and hacking.

The bar charts on the right make a distinction between quality, functionality, money and time.

  • the green bar represents iterative projects
  • the yellow is for agile projects
  • the light blue bars are for traditional projects
  • the pink/purple bar stand for hacking

Iterative and agile projects score much better on quality and functionality compared to traditional projects. Even hacking delivers more functionality than traditional projects. But the most remarkable is that traditional project score really bad on money and time.

The full summary will also talk about the fact that agile development is not only about small projects by co-located teams...

Thanks, Scott!

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Agile application development is always a useful methodology while managing huge or medium sized projects.

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This has now become an undeniable fact that agile methodology has more benefits than any other.

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