19 november 2009

Devoxx 2009 - Day 4: my choices for today

My day definitely starts with today's keynote. I really want to see Ivar Jacobson. I've seen him speak last year at Devoxx and I was really impressed. I've read to synopsis of his talk and it really looks interesting.

I'll have to see what the other keynote is about. Worst case I start consuming my battery power again :-)

After the short break it will probably be Spring 3. I saw Arjen Poutsma do a talk about what Spring 3 was going to be (incl. RESTful web services). And this is a great opportunity to compare both talk... Alternatively I could go for Using XML in Java: Spoilt for Choice? But then Arjen should really be boring (which I don't expect). Or... there will be no more free space left in the (biggest) room that I have to look for an alternative.

After the lunch break, by elimination, I choose for Scaling CometD for the Masses. This is an alternative for the Atmosphere talk I attended yesterday. I always have to be careful with choosing a session by elimination, because on Tuesday I chose for SOA in practice by elimination, but I really wasn't happy with this choice...

Afterwards I have an hour free time: nothing really interesting here. So I have some extra time to update my blog.

After the last short break (of the conference) I can choose between Detecting and preventing bugs with pluggable type-checking and Deep dive on the Java EE 6 platform with Glassfish 3. The latter is a talk by Roberto Chinnici (not really fond of him). And this might be a summary of the JEE6 university session I attended on Tuesday... So it will probably the type-checking talk.

And finally I wonder what Project Jigsaw has to offer (the modularity appoach in Standard Java 7).

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