18 november 2009

Devoxx 2009 - Day 3: the key notes

The key notes... usually the ideal moment to update my blog... This morning was no exception. The first part was reserved to Stephan Janssen himself, to talk about the conference itself and to present Parleys 3.0. Nice, especially the sub-domains and branding possibilities.

Then the mike was passed to Oracle, to talk about the platform of the future. Not really interesting or fancy stuff. But 1 remarkable thing: Since Sun has become Oracle, OSGi is more prominently present in Java... For the rest, former BEA software (WebLogic) was used for the demo. No fancy JDeveloper demo's like the previous years. Their talk was really an extension of their booth downstairs: boring and nothing to offer... Yes, this was the right time to update my blog, finalizing my post on yesterday's talk about Java EE 6.

Speaking of JEE6... The next speaker was Roberto Chinnici, spec lead of JEE6. As expected, he had nothing new to tell... Again. I already heard all the interesting stuff yesterday.

And finally, there was some space and time left for the toys department: Flash, Flex, etc. Or how can you make your colleague sweat to finalize his demo in time? OK, it looks all nice and it all integrates well (talking about Photoshop, Illustrator and Catalyst). But, doesn't this all smell like vendor lockin?

Anyway, these 2 hours were excellent to consume most of my laptop's battery for the rest of the day... But luckily I had a connection during these 2 hours. The rest of the day I was unable to reach my blog. That's why this update (of this morning) is writting at nearly 9 o'clock in the evening...

I expect a lot more from tomorrow's keynote by Ivar Jacobson. I think it is really amazing that a man almost the age of my dad is still so much involved in the IT business. And he knows what he is talking about, believe me! I saw him last year. That's way I'm so eager to see him again.

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