18 november 2009

Devoxx 2009 - Day 3: my choices for today

This morning starts with the obligatory key note. At the moment of writing Stephan Janssen is talking about his Parleys 3.0. Afterwards the "real" keynotes start, with Steven Harris of Oracle about Java, the platform of the future, Roberto Chinnici & Ludovic Champenois about Java EE6 and Glassfish 3.0 (knowing Roberto Chinnici, this might get a bit boooo-ring...). And finally there is an Adobe guy talking about integrating designers into your development. Must be about Photoshop and Flex and stuff...

And then, after the short break, the real interesting stuff starts! Unfortunately the first talk is dilemma... Because at the same time there is a talk about Java SE 7 (which is an must-see at a Java conference) AND Scott Ambler is doing a talk about agile mythbusters. Since I'm sort of a fan of Scott Ambler - he's really an interesting speaker - I will choose for Scott's talk; i can still review the Java SE 7 talk on Parleys, somewhere during 2010 :-). Or ask my colleagues, or read in the internet.

After the lnch break, there is no other talk more interesting than the one of James Gosling. Are there still people out there who don't know James Gosling? These guys must be mainframe developers then, or work in a flower shop or somlething... James is to Java what God is to Mankind. Or, if you're a non-believer, James is to Java what Gütenberg is to printing.

After James' talk, I will attend a talk on Traditional Programming Models, Stones; Knives and Bearskins in the Google Age. This will be very interesting for me, knowing that the majority of developers of the company I work for are mainframe developers... Yes, the stone age still exists (in some places in the world).

After the short break, I'm still in doubt about what talk to attend: either the talk about Comet or the talk about Keeping your eyes open, even if the cload is not. On the one hand, who still needs Comet if there is Kaazing (web sockets implementation in the pre-html5 age)? But on the other hand the cloud talk is a partner talk of IBM. Big Blue has become more green these days, adding a globe to their logo and the 3 letters in 3 different colors (IBM). But partnet slots are merely publicity talks. So I guess it will be Comet...

And the will be my last talk of the day, because  have to leave earlier today (family matters). So probably no free beer & fries for me :-(

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