17 november 2009

devoxx 2009 - yes we have a world crisis going on

I already wrote here that this year's Devoxx is not sold out, most likely due to the crisis. But there are other symptoms of the world crisis currently going on:

  • there are approx. 1/3 less companies in the exhibition hall
  • gadgets? what gadgets? Not much to collect here. Just some product flyers, pens, ... Not much more. Not even a Java t-shirt at the Sun-booth (because there IS NO Sun booth). Will never be a Sun booth any more. The Oracle booth takes a lot of space, but doesn't have much to offer. IBM never gave a lot of gadgets away. And tell me honestly, would you really walk across the street, beach or fitness center in a t-shirt with "I love Spring" written on it?
  • No Parleys magazine. The past 2 years we received a glossy magazine with interview, blog excerpts and interesting Java related news. Not this year: probably too expensive.
  • The breakfast: not much, really. Better eat at home (or in your hotel) first!
  • I haven't seen any beer tap in the exhibition hall... Or didn't I look around good enough?

We can only hope that things get really better next year, because collecting goodies IS part of a conference like this...

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