16 november 2009

Devoxx 2009 - Day 1: Generics

I arrived "just in time" at Metropolis this morning to pick up my conference backpack, grab a breakfast and rush into the room where my colleagues reserved a seat for me: room 8, for the talk on Generics of Eric Steegmans. Just in time, means that I had still had plenty of time to have my breakfast and do a little chat with my colleagues before the talk started.

The talk started with a few "growing pains": it was the first talk of the week and after less than 5 minutes the entire screen went blank... Less than 15 minutes later prof. Steegmans had to switch microphones, because he went "silent"... The rest of the talk however went flawless.

The talk itself then. As someone who is not a fulltime Java developer (and with a "company-standard" runtime environment that is still stuck at Java 1.4.2 - yes they still exist, supported by Big Blue), this was an interesting talk. Not only because it gave a good recap on the principles of generics, but also because Eric compared the generics implementation of Java with e.g. C#.

Interesting to know was the fact that instanceof and array instantiations of generic types is not possible, that you need wildcards to be able to apply polymorphism (in 2 ways: extends and super) and the restrictions of generics (read-only for ? extends T, write-only for ? super T).

Apparently this was not all common knowledge to everyone, because during this session I didn't see many people leaving the room (which is very common if a session is not interesting). Or was this because there were no gadgets to collect yet???

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