18 december 2008

Devoxx 2008 - afterthought

The annual Devoxx conference is already "recent history". I posted my last comments on conference talks. This is the right time to do a small recap of the conference.

The university days: not an overall success for me, at least not for all the talks I attended. Luckily I didn't have to choose between university and conference (I chose for the full conference). There were better conference talks of which a combination could have been a good replacement for university talks. Highlights for me are Ivar jacobsen's talk, the university talk on Websockets, the different conference talks on REST, including the talk on Spring 3.0 and the talk on workload estimation. A colleague of mine will probably add the "french fries" to this list :-).

The daily Parlays magazine offered extra background information for a number of sessions; in case you were still in doubt what to choose, these articles could help make up your mind. It was nice to see my blog quoted in 2 Parlays issues (on Thursday about WebSockets and on Friday about this year's buzzword). To me this means that the Devoxx-people think I have something interesting to tell... :-)

Overall the conference was a big success. Apart from the known "issues" (catering, wireless connection during the first days and hardly usable browser clients in the cyber café), this was, again, a great conference, an excellent opportunity to keep up with the evolution. This was my 6th time; I'll be looking forward to the 7th.

The effort of 8 months preparation for this conference is definitely worthwile. I certainly hope Stephan drove home on Friday afternoon with a big smile on his face.

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