16 december 2008

Devoxx 2008 - day 4: JEE6

This was a recap of the presentation of last year, given by the same speaker. I've looked up my blog post of last year again and apparently there was not much difference in the talk of this year, compared with the talk of last year. The idea of profiles was already mentioned last year, but the only profile that is concrete today, is the web profile (this was already mentioned last year, but the building block of this profile are more or less fixed now). Things like EJB 3.1 light (only session beans) and the single class/no interface approach of EJB's were new.

The difference with last year? Last year Q3 2008 was meant as the milestone for completing the entire JEE6 spec; most sub-specs are in their final review stage, but the beta reference implementation was meant for Q4. That will be hard to meet...

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