16 december 2008

Devoxx 2008 - day 4: JAX-RS

After all the "theoretical" presentations about REST (now that I finally got the picture clear after the talk of Stefan Tilkov), it was time to see how this was all implemented in Java. Because to be honest, the first day's university talk "REST (in peace) with Java)" was NOT what I expected of a presentation on REST and Java; it even made it all more fuzzy to me. The JAX-RS talk however made it all bright and shiny again: it's all in the annotations :-)

All previous talks that mentioned REST talked about resources and URI's and also HTTP operations and statuses, but how on earth could you define an URI? This talk showed how it could be done using Jersey.

For me this was like the icing on the cake, after all the conceptual talks on REST. Not that I know how to do it myself, but now at least I know where to start looking for more information once I may need to do an implementation of a RESTful web service. This talk, preceeded by Stefan Tilkov's talk, would have been a great replacement for the REST in peace talk of the first day.

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