16 december 2008

Devoxx 2008 - day 4: how do we test this stuff?

This talk focussed on the challenge of testing AJAX and/or web service based applications and the tools that can be used for it. The speaker started building his own testing tools after his request for ordering the Mercury toolset got denied. This resulted in the PushToTest toolset, which integrates with other tools, like Selenium, soapUI and the likes.

However, he didn't do a commercial talk, presenting his toolset. He focussed on the distinct test cases and how a unit test can be promoted to/reused as a functional test or even a stress and load test or a service availability test (for monitoring purposes), how htmlUnit can emulate the role of a user operated browser an can be launched in parallel (multiple threads) for stress testing purposes.

This was an interesting presentation. To me it was a teaser to take a closer look at the tools that were mentioned in this presentation, including the TestMaker bundle of PushToTest.


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