11 december 2008

Devoxx 2008 - side remarks

I haven't been able to update my blog very much these days. Reason: monday I had my laptop with me but couldn't get an IP-address or got timeouts when connecting to skynetblogs.be. Tuesday and yesterday I couldn't get into skynetblog.be because these bloody sunray's at the cyber café are so f**king slow... I even got kicked out during typing of a f**king mail. Pardon my french, but I am very pissed off about it. Roepen

I even started started writing in my notebook, with pen and pencil, that is. But I don't give up that easy, so I just tried one of these sun rays again and guess what: connection! Finally! Now that I have a connection, I'm not going to release it Knipogen. At least I was able to prepare the majority of this post. Today, day 4 of Devoxx, I will drag my laptop with me again... No other choice. These Sun rays really suck. I tried to write about the university talk on GWT yesterday, but I got kicked out in the middle of my writing: single screen applications and inactivity timeouts: that really is a pain.

The catering: could be better. Tuesday's salads were OK, but just enough to fill my teeth... This apparently resulted in a raid on the local Quick restaurant (?). I'm not fond of that crap but a colleague of mine was still starving. Yesterday there were plenty of sandwiches, but not enough soup... "You can find more soup at another buffet". Oh yeah? Which one??? Curious what it will be today. The fries and beers of yesterday evening were alright, though.

Then there was this beat boxer inbetween yesterday's key notes: all I could think of, was "can someone pleeez make this guys shut the f**k up?!?" What will it be today? A stand up comedian?

And then there was 2 hours of boredom yesterday. During the 2 sessions after the lunch break there was not even 1 talk that could interest me.Shit happens, but when it is impossible to access your blog, that's just too much shit at a time for 1 guy... Roepen


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