11 december 2008

Devoxx 2008 - no family picture???

Usual visitors of Javapolis/Devoxx will know this: the second conference day, before or inbetween the keynotes, was the time to take a family picture: all attendees in the Javapolis theme t-shirt waving at the camera.

This year there was no family picture. Why? Well, the main room was completely full, with 2 overflow rooms very crowdy as well, it doesn't make sence trying to make a picture of all attendees in Devoxx t-shirt. You would have to make pictures is 3 different rooms.

However, if I'm not mistaking, last year was a sellout as well, with overflow rooms during the keynotes as well. And there was a family picture, only in the main room, off course.

Stephan, did we forget something...? Maybe you should have chosen yellow t-shirts. They really look cool... like banana boxes Stoer.

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