11 december 2008

Devoxx 2008 - day 4: Be Smart

My first session of the day was the one of Ivar Jacobson on agile development: "be smart". I knew Ivar Jacobson as one of the three amigos: Jacobson, Grady Booch and James Rumbaugh are the founding fathers of the Unified Modeling Language. But I never attended a talk of him. This certainly was a great experience. This man - according to Wikipedia nearly 70 years old - can be concidered as an encyclopedia of information technology (he must have seen it all: from punch card systems onwards). So he knows very well what the pitfalls of a classical waterfall approach are, because he has experienced it all. And still - according to his presentation - about 95% of all projects around the world apply this classical waterfall approach: shoveling paper all the time (yes, our company still does so, too).

Content-wise this story has been told so many times already, but what is so great about Jacobson, is that he can tell his story in a fascinating way. He is really a gifted speaker, knowing how to hold the attention of his audience. Just as an illustration: the room was really crowdy and as far as I know, no-one left mid-session.

What to remember

He had this statement about testers, that testers were (and in many places still are) concidered as the ones that have to do the cleansweeping. The developers, the 'thinkers', like he called them, write code, with tiny little bugs in it. And the tester have to track them down. He compared this with a relationship, where the man - the thinker - has finished his meal and leaves the table, but then there is the wife how signals the man that he has to put his plate in the dish washer himself. This is the same with software development: the developers should take care of their waste first. We are all responsible for the quality of what we produce and cleanup our mess.  in other words: collective ownership.

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