11 december 2008

Devoxx 2008 - day 3: RESTful design, patterns and anti-patterns

Succeeding the Spring 3.0 session, I attended the talk about REST by Stefan Tilkov. My impression about his talk? He should have had the university slot of Monday on REST instead of the Kauri guys.

His talk gave a much better understanding of what REST is about, and what it definitely is NOT about. I guess now I finally understand (at least a bit of) what REST is about. His talk started with a number of definitions of REST, starting with "the only correct one", by Roy Fielding, adding his own favorite definition (the web the way it was supposed to be) and a totally wrong one (XML without SOAP, aka POX - plain old XML).

Things to remember:

  • the fact that everything should be a resource, uniquely addressable with an URI
  • that we should make proper usage of all the HTTP verbs and status codes
  • that hyper links should be used as much as possible
  • that mime types should be used properly

I'm defintely going to read more on REST, because this is very likely going to be with us for a reasonable amount of time... (until they invent something better).

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