11 december 2008

Devoxx 2008 - day 3: keynotes


After an annoying beat boxer, we were offered a first real view on the capabilities of JavaFX. This was really a very Flashy (!) keynote! I'm not going into details of this keynote. It was mainly a lot of eye candy. Hope they can compete with the other competitors: Silverlight from the M-company, Flex/Air from the A-company, ...

The talk was a good example of great marketing. Just one remark: yet another programming language.

I wonder if Stephan Janssen willl rewrite Parleys in JavaFX...

Big Blue's Big Brother Experiment

Then there was the key note of IBM about RFID. As everybody knows by now, all rooms were full with detectors. We couldn't walk in or out of a room, or big brother has seen it all. Luckily there were no detectors in the toilets. That would rather be RFIP(ee).Knipogen

The concept of RFID is not new to me: my employer uses this techology already since 1995. All our badges contain an RFID tag. Restricted area's require authentication with your badge. If the light turns green, the door unlocks and you can move on. If the light turns red, you're not allowed to enter the area. Additionally, all attempts to access restricted area's are logged.

We even pay our meal with our badge: an RFID reader is linked to the counters of the restaurant and our salary is automatically adjusted according to the price of our meal. The difference with the experiment here at Devoxx is that we have smaller reader devices; the ones installed here in Metropolis are much larger, because they have to be able to detect signals from a larger distance.

The guys of IBM showed us the infrastructure and demoed the different applications they had written for actually using the RFID infastructure: RFID scanning at the different booths and an overview of the crowd in the different rooms. The presales guy said that it was in our own advantage: these figures could be used to evaluate the success of the different talks. If there were too many people leaving the room during the talk, this meant that they didn't have to invite that speaker for the next year. Well, big blue may as well start worrying themselves about their presence at Devoxx next year when they see the stats of people leaving the rooms during their keynotes. And believe me: the RFID receivers may not have detected all movements, but my eyes did Lachen

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