09 december 2008

Devoxx 2008 - day 2: what will it be today?

Yesterday afternoon the ground floor (or should I say "sub zero") was closed because the exhibition was being set up. So today will be the day to start collecting gadgets and fun stuff Lachen.

The opening of the exhibition floor also means that the cyber-café will be available. After the wireless disappointment of yesterday, I won't be dragging my laptop around today, because I wasn't able to connect to Skynetblogs.be anyway. So if you read an intra-day update today, it will probably be written on a Sun Ray client.

This morning's presentation will be about Comet. I already rad something about it (the soap pun - AJAX is soap, Comet too), the principle of long polling etc. But I have never been a fan of polling mechanisms anyhow (asynchronous callbacks are far more interesting, as long as the communication protocol supports it). So I am very eager to see what HTML 5 and web sockets are about.

For the afternoon, it will be GWT. I attended a conference talk about GWT last year (Dick Wall, the one have did this talk last year, sat next to me yesterday, during the Java power tools presentation). This was a very interesting teaser, but I wonder how GWT integrates with WYSIWYG tools... Hope this talk goes into the entire development process.

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