09 december 2008

Devoxx 2008 - day 2: Comet never more

This session was all about HTML 5 and particularly the communications aspects: server side events and web sockets. This session really exceeded my expectations! Both speakers knew very well what they were talking about. They are the founders of Kaazing, who have written an implementation of the SSE and WebSocket implementation that can be used in today's browsers (so we don't have to wait until 2022 in order to use these fancy techniques).

They gave an overview of the specs of SSE and WebSockets, what was required on the browser side to gradually implement these specs, where the browser manufacturers are today and what parts they have written to fill the gaps of todays browsers. With every step taken by these manufacturers - from inter-iFrame communications, cross site secure XML Http Requests, up to server side events and web sockets - Kaazing can drop the more low level requirements for server sockets, until the entire HTML 5 comms spec is implemented.

Web sockets allow us to virtually implement any TCP-based protocol, with the possibility to set up the initial communication over HTTP, or even over a secured connection (say SSL). This means that you can actually subscribe to a JMS topic or connect to a Jabber server directly from within a browser, using a few simple lines of Javascript.

Why no more Comet? Because Comet relies on the principle of long polling or keeping a connection open. This is all hacking into a protocol that wasn't meant for this type of communication. Server side events offer a standard way to keep a connection opened and have the server notify you for new events.

Then what is the added value of Kaazing's implementation? Well, as long as there is no full web sockets implementation, we can all start playing around with it, right now. Additionally, they already support a number protocols out of the box, like STOMP (simple text oriented message protocol; a JMS text based protocol), IMAP (mail), instant messaging, telnet, etc.

This was all really nice, but I am wondering how long it will take before banks, and in particular my employer, will adopt these technologies? At least until 2022, I guess?

Link: http://www.kaazing.org


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