09 december 2008

Devoxx 2008 - day 1: REST in peace with Java

This session started with a delay of over half an hour. Reason? Connection problems. No, it is not because the entire room was consuming the available bandwidth (that happened too, because I wasn't able to update my blog in the room), but because the 2 speakers weren't able to connect the MacBook Pro to the projection installation. The space on the screen for the slideshow remained all black.

After half an hour of tweaking, replacing wires etc., the session could finally start. A lot of effort was spent in explaining the available operations in http and the way REST makes use of what already exists, without the need to reinvent the wheel or hide into a sealed envelope. This was very interesting as a background, but not entirely new to me.

After the break however, the presentation continued with a focus on Kauri, a REST framework these 2 gentlemen developed. The framework relies heavily on other components, like Maven, Groovy, etc. It all looked very fancy, the way they could activate a service just by changing some bits and pieces of configuration. But to me, the presentation shouod have mentioned the usage of Kauri, instead of just Java (REST in peace with Kauri). That would have been far more applicable.

Unfortunately this was one of these presentation where I ask myself what the hell am I gonna doe with this? I missed the link with "web services" as in "web services" (SOAP and the likes), like a service that delivers some backend functionality. Or is it just me, having an outdated view on web services?

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