09 december 2008

Devoxx 2008 - day 1: Java power tools

For what I had read about this talk, this was supposed to be an interesting talk. Not that this was all entirely new: we do use FindBugs and CheckStyle, but Ant instead of Maven. But it was always interesting to see some new tools that could be useful for us.

The session started with a delay of aproximately 15 minutes. Reason: problems with the microphone? Anyway, the talk focussed a lot Maven and tools integrating with Maven, including test tools, reporting tools, continuous integration, quality checker tools, etc. Some idea's were very interesting to pick up, because the build process where I work has a lot space left for improvement... And some tools may need reconsideration.

Content-wise this talk was alright, but the speaker was not quite my favorite: I had troubles keeping my eayes open. Someone behind me had given up the fight: I heard him breathing very heavily, with his eyes closed. I guess he really was asleep. He just didn't snore, luckily; that would have been too embarrassing... What annoyed me the most, was that he just kept on talking for the entire timeslot (almost 3 hours continuously), without break. Otherwise I wouldn't have stayed during the entire presentation (and this blog post would have been only already yesterday).

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