08 december 2008

Devoxx 2008: No banana


Just arrived at Metropolis Antwerp at 9h20 for this year's edition of Devoxx (formerly known as Javapolis). First impression? Very crowdy! Just had a bit of time left to take a cookie and a coffee, take a leak and head to room 8, for the talk about RESTful web services. Collecting the goodies bag will be something for during the break. The queue was too long and I didn't want to be late first the first session. Had troubles connecting to Skynetblogs.be, so had to write this blog post in a text editor and paste it into the blog editor once I have a connection. Strange, because I had no problem connecting to Google and Devoxx.com... That cannot be a coincidence Knipogen

Apparently I wasn't the only one having connection problems, because the speakers were anxiously trying to connect their laptops. Was it a problem with the internet connection (which seems fair, when you're doing a talk about RESTful web services) or weren't they able to connect their MacBook to the beamer, because the area on the screen where the slideshow should be shown, remained all black.

About the banana... As I wrote in a previous post, I was wondering what the colour of this year's goodies would be. Knowing that the speaker dolls of this year's theme were all yellow, I was afraid that the bag, lanyard and t-shirt would be all yellow... But I guess Stephan didn't want us to look like a bunch of banana's and chose for the safe road: all black. Thank you, Stephan!


I had the laptop with me, so I could start writing during the sessions. That's what I intended to do... But even though the signal was strong enough, I could hardly get an IP-address. And the few moments I had one, I couldn't connect to skynetblogs.be. I either got a connection timeout or I had to wait soooo long before I could even authenticate and then I didn't have the patience to wait for another 10 minutes before the editor page got entirely loaded. This page seems to load so much crap from different locations; it cannot be just the editor widgets being loaded. Quite annoyed about this, I shut down my laptop and drove home, so I could update my blog...

Content-wise the conference was OK. I will post some specific updates on the sessions I attended later. Tomorrow the exhibition hall will be open, as well as the cyber-café. I won't drag around my laptop tomorrow, but just wait for a free Sun-workstation to update my blog.

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