05 december 2008

Devoxx conference bag

With only 2 and a half days to go, I'm a bit curious about this years conference bag and lanyard. Regular visitors of the Javapolis/Devoxx conference will remember the Kamasutra inspired coffee spoon theme, the dark red t-shirt, lanyard and conference bag of 3 years ago. The year after, the theme was about "meet your idols", with a blue t-shirt, and flashy/fluo blue lanyard and bag. Last year, the theme was Star Wars inspired: everything was black, as a black hole can be.

Knowing this, I wonder if the colour of this year's theme will repeat in the goodies. Seeing the yellow speaker dolls of this year's theme, I think the classic family picture on Thursday morning may resemble to a box of banana's: all yellow T-shirts, lanyards and bags.

Let the Chiquita conference begin...


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