02 december 2008

Devoxx 2008 - My choices revisited

With less than 1 week to go and a schedule that should be as final is possible (last minute changes not taking into account), this is the right moment to revisit my topic choices for the conference: check if my initial choices (see also http://arrayindexoutofboundsexception.skynetblogs.be/post... - sorry, in Dutch) are still valid, whether some interesting topics have been moved, possibly overlapping with other interesting sessions.

University days

Day 1

The morning session remains unchanged: I stick to the REST (in peace) session. Apparently I didn't choose a session for the afternoon. Probably there wasn't a session I cared about in the afternoon, when writing about my initial choices mid October. However, this has changed apparently. The afternoon session will probably be Java Power Tools. It is always interesting to have an overview useful tools (even for someone who no longer is a full time Java developer).

Day 2

My initial choices were Comet: Never more! for the morning and GWT for the afternoon. The final schedule did not provoke any change in my initial choices.

Conference days

Day 1

The key notes of this day seem interesting enough to attend: Java FX and RFID. My initial choice for the first session was Creating amazing user interfaces with DOJO and DWR. However, at the same time, there is a session about workload estimation: "Fingers in the air, a gentle introduction to software estimation. Could be useful as well... Even more useful for me for my daily activities.

The session after the lunch was initially Introduction to the SpringSource dm Server. At the same time, there is a session about "How to hack and secure your Java web application". This is a session from/about OWASP, the Open Web Application Security Project. But since I attended the OWASP conference in Ghent this spring, I don't think this 1 hour conference talk will give me much more information...

As foreseen, the following hour will be an opportunity to update my blog. Nothing interesting here.

After the break, my initial choice was "The web, can we get there from here?", but apparently this talk has been (re)moved. Possibly the talk about Spring 3.0 or, more likely, the talk about "AJAX for everyone, building better rich internet applications faster with JSF".

Final session of the day was, and remains "RESTful design patterns and anti-patterns".

Day 2

Mid October, the keynotes of day 2 were still to be announced. Apparantly they are interesting enough to attend: "Effective Java Reloaded" by Josh Bloch and Java SE7 update.

My choice for the first conference talk of day 2 was initially the OWASP talk about hacking and securing web applications. This talk is moved to day 1. The talk about HTML 5 and web sockets is from the same speakers of the university talk about Comet. Will probably be just a distilled version of their university talk. Blog time!

And it is going to be a VERY long lunch break, because the next time slot does not offer anything interesting to me either.

Next session: "How do we test this stuff?" Was my initial choice too. No change.

After the break, my initial choice was JEE6 overview, but at the same time, there is a session about "Preventing bugs with pluggable type-checking for Java". THis may be more useful and applicable than the JEE6 overview...

Close of the day is for the session on JAX-RS.

Day 3

My initial choice was about "Building web applicarions with the SpringSource dm Server", but maybe the talk about "Implementing agile at enterprise level" is a good alternative, since we will most likely never use the SpringSource server and I have always been a believer in an agile approach.

For the next talk, I initially thought about Effective SOA + GRIDs, but at second sight the Java + XSLT 2.0 talk seems more interesting.

The final session: again a change of mind. I probably will not attend the session on EJB 3.1, but go for XML persistence instead. I have been involved previously in projects dealing with persisting XML documents. This may be a good opportunity to see "what we did wrong"...


Apparently, there have been some changes is the schedule that affected my initial choices. Mostly, the impact is limited, except for the extra long lunch break during day 1 of the conference.



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