27 november 2008

Devoxx 2008 - completely sold out!

I received a mail from Devoxx this week that there were already over 3000 registrations, only 150 seats left. When writing this blog post, 1 and a half week before takeoff, the Devoxx site mentions that this year's event is - again - completely sold out! 3200 tickets sold. I guess the exhibition floor will be very crowdy again during the coffee/lunch breaks and gadget hunts.

I just got my access pass in the mail today. The back of the card contains a silver wire: the antenna for RFID. IBM is doing a keynote on RFID and they will be doing measurements on the popularity of talks. So if you walk out of a room in annoyance after 10 minutes, Big Brother Blue as seen it all Knipogen. The one leaving the most rooms mid-session, will be superglued to his chair next year . Speaking of sticky (key)notesLachen.

Apparently the son of a colleague of mine is involved in the RFID stuff at the conference. This colleague asked my to approach his son, ask him a lot of hard question and conclude that "he seems to know more than his father". I'll have to read the names of all the people at the IBM booth in order to pick the right guy... No, I'm not going to reveil his name!

Now that the schedule should be almost final (as final as can be; last minute changes are always possible, e.g. last years keynote of James Gosling), it is the right moment to revisit the schedule and check whether there are any changes that impact my preferences of a while ago. More on this, later, on ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.skynetblogs.be Stoer

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