30 oktober 2008

No more Click and Hack


Regular visitors of Javapolis/Devoxx will know Click and Hack, the alter ego's of Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter, both former Sun employees who joined Google. Neal and Josh are also known for their book Java Puzzlers, of which they've been doing presentations on several conferences around the world, including last year's Javapolis conference.

For those of you who attended this session: remember it very well (you may even keep a shortcut to this blog post as a "memorial" and/or to Parleys: http://www.parleys.com/display/PARLEYS/Home#title=The%20J...), because there will be no more Click and Hack. Why not? Because Neal Gafter left Google. OK, no problem, you may think. It's not because Neal Gafter no longer is a colleague of Josh Bloch that they cannot do presentations together anymore. Wrong! Why? Because Gafter went to Microsoft to join the .Net languages team. Knowing that Microsoft is not the most Java-minded company (.Net languages don't include Java), I guess it is clear that Click & Hack have become "deprecated". According to his blogger profile, he joined the M-company in September.

I remember last year's Javapolis presentation of Josh Bloch about closures. He had an entirely different opinion about closures that Neal Gafter had. Neal already did a short presentation on closures the previous year (Javapolis 2006) Neal's presentation can be found on Parleys: http://www.parleys.com/display/PARLEYS/Home#slide=1;title.... Back then that all seamed reasonable. But after the presentation of Josh Bloch last year (see Parleys: http://www.parleys.com/display/PARLEYS/Home#slide=1;title...), which put an entirly different light on closures, I was... puzzled, to say the least. Immediately after Bloch's presentation Gafter write a reaction on his blog (http://gafter.blogspot.com/2007_12_01_archive.html). This reaction clearly showed there was a tension between Bloch and Gafter regarding closures. Does this have something to do with the reason why Gafter eventually left Google?


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