29 oktober 2008

Blogging for Devoxx - in English

No, this is not a mistake. This is definitely an English blog post and it is on purpose. Within about 1 and a half month, the annual Devoxx conference is held (December 8th 'till 12th) and bloggers can have their impressions and opinions published in the daily Parleys magazine of the conference. As this is an international conference, the main language is English, not only for the conference talks, but also for all publications. That's why blog posts related to the Devoxx conference should be in English. Since I am interested in having my posts published in Parleys AND since the Devoxx organization considers my blog as a candidate for the Parleys magazine, under the condition that I write in English, I will post all Devoxx-related topics in English from now on.

This does not mean that I will switch to English entirely. All other stuff regarding to Linux, open source software and so on will remain in Dutch. Unless my blog gets noticed - by accident - by LinuxOnline (www.linux.org), Linux Watch (www.linux-watch.com) or so and the entire world starts reading it... :-)

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